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...the Why Mr. Right phenomenon hits the U.S.

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Stay tuned for J.M. Kearns' new book, "Shopping for Mr. Right"...due in bookstores in December 2010!

Read about Shopping for Mr. Right, coming in December 2010, in which J.M. Kearns
shows that the best way to land your dream man is to shop for him, and tells you how!

Should finding the most important person in your life be left to chance?

No, says author J.M. Kearns.

In fact, if you embrace it proactively,
the search for a great mate becomes a rousing adventure.


Finally, the real facts about men - from a man.

Many dating books have given men a bad rep, typecasting them as aliens, shallow, unable to love, commitment-phobic, players, only looking for the media’s perfect woman, and certainly just not that into you.

Not so fast, says J.M. Kearns.

The good man who is out there looking for you is your greatest ally. He just needs you to meet him halfway.

"Thank you for restoring my faith in men." — T.E.

Kearns' message to single women:

  • You don’t have to change yourself in order to find Mr. Right.
    He already likes you just the way you are.

  • In order to find him, you'll need to meet new men — desirable ones.
    Kearns explains exactly how to do that, online and in the real world.

a paradigm shift in the search for true love

Why Mr. Right Can't Find You by J.M. Kearns is written from the perspective of
a real guy who was in the trenches, looking for his own Ms. Right – a real guy
who is also a Ph.D. in philosophy and a former crisis counselor.


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